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Decompression times


7z 1.02
ace 0.6
arj 0.66
jar 0.24
lha 0.5
rar 0.66
sit 5.78
tar.bz2 2.64
tar.gz 0.27
tar.lzo 0.08
tar.Z 0.66
zip 0.27
zoo 0.32
Like 7z in the compression times, Sit performs poorly in the decompression times. Bz2 is also way more processor consuming than the others. Lzo here is in its own territory and performs the best.


7z 4.08
ace 1.16
arj 1.73
jar 0.45
lha 1.37
rar 0.55
sit 18.53
tar.bz2 6.35
tar.gz 0.39
tar.lzo 0.05
tar.Z 1.92
zip 0.38
zoo 0.08
Again lzo wins the test even beating zoo which did not even compress the files.


7z 8.58
ace 4.61
arj 4.58
jar 1.84
lha 3.48
rar 47.68
sit 35.38
tar.bz2 19.41
tar.gz 1.69
tar.lzo 0.72
tar.Z 5.9
zip 1.95
zoo 3.13
Most striking here is the rar result. Generally rar performed best when dealing with low number of files. Here with over 4000 files it seems to have some sort of setup time for each file. As a point of reference the real decompression times were around eight seconds longer than the user times presented.


7z 5.85
ace 2.72
arj 3.76
jar 1.4
lha 2.95
rar 5.25
sit 31.97
tar.bz2 13.59
tar.gz 1.49
tar.lzo 0.46
tar.Z 3.75
zip 1.46
zoo 1.64
Again rar has a slightly inflated time due to the large number of files. Full results graph is also available.

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