Very cold indeed and some bits and bobs

The cold

It has been somewhat cold recently here in the UK. Woke up today to find that I couldn’t see outside.

That is frost, but on the inside of the window. I am currently sleeping under two duvets and getting up is not pleasant experience.

Even what looks like condensation at the top of the window was completely frozen. Would be nice to have double glazing.

More fedora icing

I forgot to post the sprinkled sugar cupcakes I made a few months ago for the release. These were made using a paper cut-out template and then dusted. I should have made more blue icing sugar. I found the best way to make it was using a small resealable plastic bag. Add the icing sugar and a little blue dye. Then squish the lumps with your fingers until it is dry and fine.

Take that GDM!

It is a shame, but at the university there is somewhat strong resistance to the concept of a graphical login. Here is what the students see when they come to log into a machine. It will look even more silly on high resolution monitors with KMS graphics where the ASCII art occupies a small section in the upper left.

  1. I’ve always wondered what’s with the weird text mode login / DE chooser. I was under the impression that it is supposed to familiarize students with the console or something like that.

    • Yeah, I heard that too, but I don’t see any justification, since consoles behave the same as any graphical terminal.

  2. I wanted to shot some frost windows too, but didn’t got the opportunity this winter…

    And since you didn’t put this article on Planet aggeration, I almost missed the icing part, send more stuff to Planet, please.

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