Hmm, whats there to say. My name is Charlie Brej, I work for the University of Manchester, school of Computer Science as a Research Associate in the APT group. I research asynchronous logic but more specifically trying to attain high performance. When I am not doing that I am teaching in labs or fixing machines and trying to solve peoples computer problems. It’s true, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see, yet I still love technology, always and forever. I also love “Free” Software as I seem to be using little else nowadays and am always happy to convert people to the good cause. I am into indie rock music and get through rating a couple hundred new tracks each month thanks to Criznittle and Shankly (thanks guys). I watch a lot of TV documentaries on my MythTV box which I watch at 2x speed (1.4x if Sooty is there) which also makes me talk fast and get easily irritated with people who refuse to get to the point. I try to survive without a mobile phone. I love cheap Chinese technology but I hate DRM infested devices and people who naively use them. I enjoy a nice cup of Earl Grey but refuse to drown it with cow juice. I’m a militant agnostic (I don’t know what’s going on and am damn angry about it), yet I’m a liberal pacifist. I believe in existentialist values of Nietzsche and Sartre, but I am all too human. I love eating a good curry, but I don’t see the point of making them too hot. I love cooking, I hate washing-up. I pretend to know more than I do, I hate people who think they know more than they actually know. I hate all intolerance but I love sickipedia. I strive to think outside of the box, but I don’t like the expression “think outside of the box”. I love Fedora but I hate fan-boys. I love beer but I hate tequila.  I’m a bit contrary.

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