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The hairy change

OK. This had to happen sooner or later.

Before: After:

Before: After:

For some reason, the camera can auto-focus on me better now.


A few days ago, I noticed the characteristic smell of popped capacitors. I took the side off my case and noticed a couple of the caps were bulging. Because I am leaving in a couple months anyway, I thought “meh” as it should survive till I leave. I took the side off to keep an eye on the caps to see if more will pop.

Yesterday I came into the office and noticed the computer was off. Confused, I turned it on and walked away to hang up me fleece turned around to find blooms of smoke spewing from the machine. I ran over to find flames inside the machine. Panicking, I unplugged it and started blowing out the flames. Luckily that worked and I didn’t have to email the emergency services.

It all seems to be concentrated around an inductor, although I suspect one of the caps popped its bottom cover and started spewing hydrogen.

So the first task of the day was to do through the purchase order process to get a replacement motherboard, although the case is also somewhat smoke damaged too. The office also smells really bad of caustic fumes.

Vampire cats

Ingredients: black crepe paper, red crepe paper, sticky tape and a cat.

Cut red to be slightly larger than the black.

Stick two layers together.

Scrunch at together and place one piece of tape to keep it folded at one point.

Result: Vampire cats!

Next, need bait. (look at those fangs!)

Someone convinced me that posting photos implicating me of cat crimes may be a bad thing (especially with 4chan around).

Meanwhile in the office

What has been happening in the office for the last few weeks:

I decided to do a massive clean out of my home store (first time since 2001)

The biscuit tin has not been cleaned for a while and when we run out these crumbs were looking mightily tempting.

Andrew confiscated my bounty of floppy cables I have been collecting over the years.

Will found someone else with a HTC Desire. So he can now flash someone else’s phone. I have never seen will this happy (and I was there at his wedding).

While ceiling cat watches over us all.

of Montreal

Went to see of Montreal last night. They were pretty good.

One thing that stood out was two people on stage who would dress up in shiny skin tight clothes, pig/gas masks, giant heads etc.  for each song and do weird Mexican wrestler moves on each-other. Great atmosphere too with people wearing some of the most ghay clothes I have ever seen.

Then this was the song they chose for the encore, which was a bit of a surprise. I won’t show too much of it because I am afraid of MJ rising up from the dead to kill me for infringing his copyright.

Rainbow cake

I made a rainbow cake today!

It was supposed to be coloured in layers, but while cooking it swirls and gives in a tie-dye effect.

(Yes it is vegan)