Bridgwater to Glastonbury

The rain has begun:


The south west is getting stupid amounts of rain. It is as if god knows I am here.


I decided to cheat and get a train to Bridgwater and cycled from there to Glastonbury.

There are a couple nice areas here, but I had to wait for each shower to pass before taking a photo.

Form 10km out you can see the tor which I was aiming for.

You can see why when it rains, Glastonbury gets rather wet. It an island surrounded by swamps.

Here is what it looks from the top of the tor. Flooding all around. You can walk around the tor winding to the top like the athletes in the olympics, but with rain and 40mph gusts at the top and I was wearing cycling shoes.

Then the rain started again so I backed up on myself and got to the hostel.


Also, you know you are in the south west when your coop looks like this.

Tomorrow is even more rain than today and more easterly winds. I have to get to Bath, and there are no trains anywhere round here.

    • Laura
    • December 20th, 2012

    Look on the bright side, at least it isn’t hailing. I remember the quays down at Exeter – it could have been worse. One year a swan decided the best place to nest was the middle of that cycle path. It did not go well, either for the swan or the pedestrian. And this being Devon it was headline local news for about a week!

    And just so you know, there are more floods in Hampshire waiting for you. Part of Fareham is underwater….definitely knows you are coming. x

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