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Slanted monitors

At my desk I have two 20″ 1600×1200 (4:3) monitors which I got rather used to. Unfortunately the hard-drive in my machine failed and I have been waiting over two weeks for a replacement (not sure if it is the university or MicroDirect being useless). Normally I would buy one and claim it back and the problem would be solved within an hour, but the new university austerity measures forbid this. Instead, I have moved onto Christian’s desk and am experiencing his two wide-screen monitor setup. It feels a bit weird having pages which are very wide, but not very tall. Having one of the monitors vertical is equally creepy. So I came up with a compromise. Have the monitors slanted by ten degrees. This makes them both taller and wider.

If you wish to try this yourself, just browse through this slanted frame page and turn your monitors ten degrees to the right. Press F11 for full screen mode to make it look believable. This should work in Firefox and Webkit based browsers.