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The death of the old blog

iPod DronesI am slowly getting used to this new blog. It is certainly easier to add entires than editing the html and running scripts of the old one, but I do feel a little sad leaving it behind with all its posts. So basically here is a quick catchup of my fav entries in the old blog:

I love Icons, iPod drones, Unix compression tools, Coding under Influence and Overclocking chairman Miau.

Credit cards for girls

I decided to cave in and get a credit card. Since I now own a mobile phone I thought I might as well carry on my silliness and decide which card to get not on silly things like interest rate or service but rather on which one looks nicest. Took me a while to decide but along the way I made a nice page of most credit card designs available in the UK. To be honest this isn’t as silly as it sounds as at the end of the day I will never use the interest rate but I will have to flash the card wherever I go.

Website Time-lapse

I made some animated gif images of popular websites showing how they changed over the years. The old versions of the sites are taken from The Wayback Machine. Unfortunately some images were blocked from being spidered by and are shown as gray boxes. So far I have done a time-lapse of Google , Yahoo and AltaVista.