Sins of my past coming back to haunt me

We have had plenty of snow this year, which caused many people act very silly indeed. By “many people”, I mean “me”. Just before Christmas, on my way back from the pub, I decided to stomp a lewd shape into the garden snow (I assume I did, I have little recollection of this). I awoke feeling worse for wear to the embarrassment of the situation, but was saved by more snow falling that afternoon, covering up my work of art and destroying it forever. Or so I thought. This morning I saw this when I looked out the window.

I have no idea how I managed to kill the grass by stomping on it. I am guessing it will take a few weeks to go away. The black bra is off a “snowlady” I made a couple weeks later that the neighbours added to, to cover her modesty in an unrelated incident of silliness.

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