The move

I have now boxed up pretty much all my belongings ready for the move next week.

There is quite a bit, even after the purge in which I threw away many things I no longer use.The things that turn up are incredible. For example a Red Hat7.0 CD (didn’t work, too scratched)

Here is the bag I am taking for the first week. Just the bare essentials. It really looks like forever alone guy. As well as that, I am also taking my bike, on the train.

Before I left, the APT group said their goodbyes. This was kind of emotional for me as it will be my first time away from the University for 12 years. There was a whip round. I was kind of shocked at the scale of the parting gift. This is an Asus EEE (my fav laptop range), but it is actually the really posh Nvidia Ion, dual CPU and high res 12″ screen one. I have never received a present this nice in my entire life. Thank you so much to everyone. I am using it right now and it is fantastic.

As well as the computer, there was a crate of chocolate cherry beer I like.

As usual there was the visit to the pub where I bought the traditional first round. The turnout was incredible, not to mention expensive.

I will miss everyone in the group very much and hope I find friends as good as them in my next job (which starts on Monday).

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