Snobbery and the such

The talks to the group went reasonably well. I presented a very brief overview of the Utopium and presented some more amusing thoughts as to how science should be conducted. If you were not there this is a short list of topics covered: Apple fan-boys, fair-trade organic cocaine, Socrates questioning fries McDonald’s, a delicious cup of tea with hemlock, usage of tabs in indentation styles, the temperature of flames, employment being for the stupid, talk of bullocks, letching, Hitler, fish with springs for legs, buckteeth and glasses styles, drinks machines in the middle of a desert, Stalin surrounded by lovely ladies, glorious five year plan, a race between Che Guevara, Darwin and a snob, “the great cleansing” (killing of everyone over the age of 18), Windows 7 and spelling mitsakes in blogs.

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