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Life in Cambridge

I can has cat?

After three weeks in Cambridge I am settling in nicely. Last weekend I had a nice surprise when I returned home from some shopping. Sitting on the couch was this creature. My house mates call her “Bandita”. She comes around often.

ARM Christmas party

The ARM Christmas party is a rather special occasion where people dress up rather nicely. Here I am wearing my best attire.

The actual party is incredible. There were three rooms, each with a different theme. Japanese room had sushi and geisha ladies on stilts. In the Chinese  room there was Shineese food and casino tables you can loose the £10,000 of money you are given at the entrance. Thanks to some good luck I managed to get that up to about £90,000 before loosing it all. In the Indian room there was more food and Bollywood dancing.

Above is Andreas and Matt’s (now pregnant) wife, Laura.

The drink was insanely plentiful. Champaigne available all night long, wines, beers, cocktails, vodka shots through an ice sculpture…

I suspect I will get some stick from friends in Manchester for becoming a Champagne Socialist, but it was worth it.