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The MythTV upgrade that escelated

This weekend the short version

fuuu_a followed by fuuu_b

This weekend the long version

New MythTV is out and Sooty was away for the weekend, so perfect time to do an update to the TV box.  I used to compile my own versions of MythTV but recently found it annoying having to compile with the exact same source on all the machines, so I moved to the ones supplied by rpmfusion. These work great and have all the init scripts in place, which makes life easier.

Because it is still a release candidate, it is only available in rawhide. No problem, turn on rawhide of all repos and do an update on myth*. That wants to update the whole world. Again no problem, Fedora 12 is just days away and there will probably not be any changes from now on, so a full update is sensible. Few hundred updated packages later I have what essentially is a Fedora 12 system, no going back now. Now finally do the kmod-nvidia nastiness and we are all done. Restart and an instant crash upon entry into X. removed xorg.conf and it works but in NTSC and not PAL. Created a bare minimum xorg.conf and it runs fine. Added the PAL-I line full system death (Nvidia hates Europeans?). Next step get and install driver from Nvidia site and install. Now an unresolved symbol with the latest Xorg because it is not yet supported. Nouveau has no TV support yet (although it looks so close).

At this stage I am rather tired of working with a terminal on an incredibly blurry 21″ TV I got in 1993. I saved up my pocket money for two years and combined with both Christmas and birthday I got that TV when I was 13. It would be so much easier if I could connect using a VGA or HDMI socket, then I wouldn’t have this PAL nonsense and I could just use nouveau. So I go to ebuyer, find a new TV pay the £20 to get it delivered on Monday morning.

gay_poetryI arrange to have the old one picked up by the council and recycled or whatever they do with it. Take it away to make space for the new set. Monday morning comes, no delivery. Turns out they screwed up on the cut off time for next day delivery and it will be delivered on Tuesday. Sooty comes back, no TV, have to listen to her reading gay poetry. Oh, and Craven still haven’t fixed the heating which is the reason for the hat indoors.