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Christmas meal preparation

Sainsbury’s and Ice

I felt a little bit cheated by Sainsbury’s yesterday. On one of my visits, I received a voucher which doubles the nectar points on one visit before Christmas day. So I got a lift from Sooty in her car to the place, spent £112.49 on food shopping, handed over the point doubler voucher, left grinning at having pulled one over Mr Sainsbury by using it on a massive shopping spree. Then sat down and realised that that saved me barely over a pound. That was dumb, should have gone to Aldi like I normally do, I thought. Normally I wait for Sooty to go home for Christmas, then I do about four trips to Aldi/Lidl with a massive backpack and bags. But then today I went back to the shops to pick up some things I forgot. The walk was the most stressful thing for years. The paths were so icy that I was completely exhausted by the time I got there, having nearly died several times, never-mind walking back with full bags.


I have now finished the desserts. This year’s plan is to have all the desserts pre-made as by that point in the evening I have alcohol induced clumsiness.  This year’s desserts are (sorry about the quality of the pictures, I left my camera at work, so these are from a phone):

Trifle, standard affair, with fruit in the jelly but no sherry.

Tiramisù, made with camp coffee and dark rum. Very easy to make especially in the Tupperware box which makes storage simple (so little space in the fridge).

And finally a “chocolate cola cake”. This is your standard four layer chocolate cake affair, but it contains cola (sugar based one to be safe) . I tried some crumbs earlier and it does have some interesting unexplainable taste. Will have to wait till tomorrow for a proper try.

More pictures of other noms tomorrow.